Hawthorne Community Center Adult Programs
Hawthorne Community Center Adult Programs
Hawthorne Community Center Adult Programs

Employment & Financial Support

Hawthorne offers low-income, working families with services across three areas: employment and career advancement, financial literacy and coaching, and access to income supports. We help members pursue career goals and develop new skills, reduce debt, build credit, and save for their future. Working with our neighbors, we have seen families transition from crisis to stability and from stability to long-term financial  independence.

Hawthorne offers the following services (click button to scroll to desired section):


Learn more about how we can work with you to meet your financial and employment goals by calling Hawthorne and asking to speak to our program Navigator. This staff member will introduce you to our program and the resources available to help them achieve their educational, financial and career goals.

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday, 8AM – 5PM. Evening appointments available
*except for major holidays – see About page for center closings.

Tuition & Fees

Employment & financial support services are available FREE of charge.

Some incentives are available for students 18-25 years old. See details below.


To get started on your goals, please contact our office by calling 317-637-4312.
Employment Services

One of the most rewarding services Hawthorne provides is helping our neighbors find jobs and advance to even better jobs. The creation of productive employment opportunities is essential for breaking the cycle of poverty and creating sustainable economic and social development.

Employment coaches at Hawthorne connect members to job leads and equip them with the job search skills (resumes, interview techniques) needed to secure employment. Members have access to job readiness workshops. Employment coaches also provide job retention services helping members maintain employment by removing barriers (transportation, childcare) and providing advice on advancement methods.

How can we help you find a job and advance to an even better job?

Financial Literacy Education & Coaching

We offer financial literacy classes on topics including budgeting, debt reduction, credit building, and choosing financial products. Members put this knowledge into practice as they work with their financial coach to develop a budget and track monthly expenses. They also have opportunities to develop debt reduction plans, to understand and access their credit scores to build credit. Member also have access tax preparation services from February to April (by appointment only).

How can we help you learn where your money is going, rein in expenses, and find saving opportunities?

Emergency Income Support

In most cases, a job is not enough to make ends meet. We know many of our neighbors face a gap between what you can earn and the costs of basic living expenses. We can provide information and referrals to access public benefits like food stamps, food stamps, and health insurance. In some cases, we can provide seasonal utility assistance to help neighbors close the income gap.

How can we help you find ways to make ends meet?

Food Pantry

Our monthly food pantry exists to enhance the health of our westside neighborhoods by providing supplemental food and basic necessities. It is held the second and fourth Thursday of the month from 12 pm to 2 pm from January to October. In November and December, days and hours may vary due to the holidays.

January 12th and 26th
February 9th and 23rd
March 9th and 23rd
April 13th and 27th
May 11th and 25th
June 8th and 22nd
July 13th and 27th
August 10th and 24th
September 14th and 28th
October 12th and 26th